Suburban Aero Club of Chicago 2019 Year in Review

Established in 1962 and an AMA Gold Leader Club


Club Meetings, Members, and Meals

  • 12 plane raffles $1500 value (12 x $125)

  • 24 gift card raffles $600 (12 x 2 x $25 each)

  • Info sessions: electrical, transmitter programming, new ideas, EDF afterburner, and new product info

  • Scale Plane day which brought members out in full formation with 14+ aircraft on display with historical background (free gifts and $75 total in gift cards awarded to pilot participants!)

  • Mary Jensen of Bestitched Embroidery Lifetime member award for the years of SAC support and donations provided to the club, she provides custom embroidery for club apparel, patches, etc.

  • Banquet at Chef Klaus: Beer, Bratwurst, and Flyers, What else do you need!

  • Club Family Picnic: great food, friendship, and our families seeing our hobby. There was Great flying entertainment including a death spiral of the flying lawn mower!  Power on Rob!

Fun Flys

  • 8 events / 11 participants, too many flights (and bounces) to count.

  • Competitive flying at all levels with LOTS of “body language” to get better flight scores!

  • $100 cash prize awards at the Turkey Shoot

  • Over $100 in plaques for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the Turkey Shoot winner!

  • Participants are all entered in the year end ARF plane raffle

  • Thanks to Greg, Al, Rob for the event ideas, Ann’s hard work, John York’s photos and all the volunteers!

Float fly’s: April thru September

  • 12 Friday & Saturday events

  • Special Memorial and Labor Day events with food

  • 100+ participants from local clubs and states!

  • Included planes, power boats, sail boats, cruise liners, and little

  • Thanks Ron Wegrzyn for all your hard work to make these very successful events

Cub Scouts pack 237 aircraft display and flight demos at Meadow Creek Airpark

  • over 100 Scouts, parents, siblings, and Meadow Creek residents

  • 20 RC aircraft on display and included full scale planes

  • RC flight demos including Tom Lustig’s great aerobatic flights

  • Fantastic full scale Pitts acrobatic demonstration by Meadow Creek resident Pilot with full smoke (see the videos)!!!

VFW flight introduction

  • Intro to Model Airplanes teaching families of VFW Post 311 - Benjamin O Davis

  • 30+ VFW family members attended to get youth and families involved

  • First Flight training to youth and adults which included lots of smiles!

  • Small Drone raffled off

  • Thanks to George Nichols for arranging the event which also included members from other local clubs

Public Relations

  • Dolphin Lake Park Float Fly hosted by the with Homewood-Flossmoor park district

  • Dailey Center: Represent SAC to public and government agencies which is more important than ever these days

  • Food drive Nov / Dec: Over $300 in food donations help our local community people

  • 1-on-1 flight training by SAC members to interested people and those just getting started

Auctions April & October

  • 100+ attended on Thursday evenings

  • Lots of RC hobby items sold during and after the auctions

  • $100 total in raffle prizes ($50 cash each auction)

  • Lots of bargains & laughs!  Always a great time!


  • Veterans and Battle of Britain tribute

  • Many great scale warbirds displayed and flown!!!

  • Free food and leading fees this year!

  • Many great and awesome flights from screaming warbirds including Tom Lustig’s P-51 and Zero!  (See videos online Facebook and FLICKR)

  • Great flying despite the rainy weather in the morning.

  • Thanks to all who attended and helped including cook master Frank!

AeroSTEM Expo 2019 @ IIT 3/30/19

  • Introduces inner-city youth to the aviation and aerospace fields and mentors career aspirations

  • 100’s of youth and parents attended

  • RC aircraft display

  • Partnered with Chicago Model Masters members

Web Presence

  • Website updated for content, events, information and links

  • FLICKR photo sharing implementation now has over 2000 pics and Videos of this year’s activities!  Thanks to all who contributed. More to come!

  • Facebook SAC community and SAC group pages reinvigorated to included events, meetings, photos, club info, and more. It’s a great way to keep up to date quickly inside and outside the club.

  • Thanks to Devin for restarting SAC’s on-line signature out there on the internet

And many other things which have made the Suburban Aero Club of Chicago a great organization.  Thanks all the members who have helped in past, 2019, and years to come!

Now you know why you’re a SAC member!