Devin Tornow - President 2020, Webmaster, Social Media, Club PR

Manages SAC web page, SAC Facebook community and group, Club PR

SAC Facebook -

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Ron Wegrzyn - Vice President, Float Flys, Auctions, Club PR

Started flying models when I returned to Chicago in 1993. Since then I fly anything and everything with the Float Flying being my favorite.  My nick name “the Undertaker” came from my taking peoples crashes and rebuilding them. I love the flying, I enjoy the members, it’s just a great hobby. After working at the ORD tower for some 20 years I still enjoy being around planes.

Dale Disabato - Secretary

Ann Dargis - Treasurer

Rob Walker - Airplane Safety Officer

John Kallend - Dope Can Editor / Board Member / 2019 President

Built first R/C model in 1964, including building the radio.

Has had two designs published in model magazines: an autogyro and a rocket powered delta.  Created the world's first R/C flight simulator (1983)

Currently flies scale warbirds, especially jets, but also flies helicopters and floatplanes.

Richard Morgan - Field Comittee Chairman

George Nichols - Membership / Flight Instructor

Al Myers - Fun Fly Chairman

Greg Stevens - Fun Fly Chairman / Photographer / Past President

I have been flying RC since I was 15.  What I like about the

hobby is enjoying the friendships and the wide diversity

of ages and interests that it generates.

John York - Fun Fly & Photographer

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