2020 Suburban Aero Club of Chicago Year in Review

2020 has been a pretty good year despite all the craziness and limitations.

Here are just a few accomplishments which have made SAC a great club!

Established in 1962

AMA Gold Leader Club, 1st AMA Leader Club of the Month, Carl Goldberg Vital People award


Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Recognition & Relations

  • 1st AMA Leader Club of the Month August, 2020! Significant Honor & promotion for SAC!

  • SAC AMA Podcast with Matt Ruddick: SAC club history, and Chicago Area modeling

  • Carl Goldberg Vital People award - Ron Wegrzyn for his dedication to model aviation, hobby, community, and the club! (more on this in 2021!)

  • Partnered with District VI Associated VP Andre Smith on various ideas and challenges!

Forest Preserve of Cook County

  • Live Nature virtual Event 2020: 1 of only 2 Chicagoland Clubs featured!

  • FP Relationships: Flying site usage, permits, maintenance & SAC community value!


  • 4 Fun Flys & Turkey Shoot ($80 awarded), plaques 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Turkey Shoot winner

  • 5 Float Flys including Labor Day weekend, est over 150 people / pilots participated

  • Dolphin Lake RC Float & Fly - Homewood Park District Event, ~100 people attended

  • SAC Auction in October - $75 in gift cards raffled off

CLUB Meetings / Activities / FUN

  • Club Meetings 7 out of 11 even under 2020 restrictions/shutdowns

  • Early Dues Renewal Raffle $25 / 5 plane & 13 Gift card Raffles

  • Increased Safety talks & lessons learned stories & laughs shared, Safe = Smart!

  • HISTORY of Model Aviation - Members shared how they got into the hobby! Event included vintage from photos Rex Plattner’s and his award from the 1962 Model Airplane Championships at the Glenview Naval Air Station

  • FREE Junior members vote - now their Membership free to those under 19yrs old!

SAC Flying Field

  • Runway large cracks repaired & resurfaced (greatly needed) - Thanks Rich Morgan!

  • Fence post repaired / Flags replaced and many other items, Thank you volunteers!

SAC Club Trainers – new initiative!

  • 1 ready (Thanks Luke), 1 to 2 more to come! Thank you, members, for donations!

Community - Food Donations to local pantries - helping others out!

Club to Club Relations - Joliet -Swap & Fun Fly / Midwest Sundowners / Griffith Barnstormers


Many other things have also made the Suburban Aero Club of Chicago an outstanding organization. Thanks to all the members who have helped in 2020 and especially those behind the scenes who have helped on some very challenging issues. Take pride in SAC’s 2020 accomplishments as we stand out both in flying and the community. Let’s all continue to build a fantastic RC club! Your Passion, Your Hobby, One Community!


Suburban Aero Club of Chicago 2019 Year in Review

Established in 1962 and an AMA Gold Leader Club

Club Meetings, Members, and Meals

  • 12 plane raffles $1500 value (12 x $125)

  • 24 gift card raffles $600 (12 x 2 x $25 each)

  • Info sessions: electrical, transmitter programming, new ideas, EDF afterburner, and new product info

  • Scale Plane day which brought members out in full formation with 14+ aircraft on display with historical background (free gifts and $75 total in gift cards awarded to pilot participants!)

  • Mary Jensen of Bestitched Embroidery Lifetime member award for the years of SAC support and donations provided to the club, she provides custom embroidery for club apparel, patches, etc.

  • Banquet at Chef Klaus: Beer, Bratwurst, and Flyers, What else do you need!

  • Club Family Picnic: great food, friendship, and our families seeing our hobby. There was Great flying entertainment including a death spiral of the flying lawn mower!  Power on Rob!

Fun Flys

  • 8 events / 11 participants, too many flights (and bounces) to count.

  • Competitive flying at all levels with LOTS of “body language” to get better flight scores!

  • $100 cash prize awards at the Turkey Shoot

  • Over $100 in plaques for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the Turkey Shoot winner!

  • Participants are all entered in the year end ARF plane raffle

  • Thanks to Greg, Al, Rob for the event ideas, Ann’s hard work, John York’s photos and all the volunteers!

Float fly’s: April thru September

  • 12 Friday & Saturday events

  • Special Memorial and Labor Day events with food

  • 100+ participants from local clubs and states!

  • Included planes, power boats, sail boats, cruise liners, and little

  • Thanks Ron Wegrzyn for all your hard work to make these very successful events

Cub Scouts pack 237 aircraft display and flight demos at Meadow Creek Airpark

  • over 100 Scouts, parents, siblings, and Meadow Creek residents

  • 20 RC aircraft on display and included full scale planes

  • RC flight demos including Tom Lustig’s great aerobatic flights

  • Fantastic full scale Pitts acrobatic demonstration by Meadow Creek resident Pilot with full smoke (see the videos)!!!

VFW flight introduction

  • Intro to Model Airplanes teaching families of VFW Post 311 - Benjamin O Davis

  • 30+ VFW family members attended to get youth and families involved

  • First Flight training to youth and adults which included lots of smiles!

  • Small Drone raffled off

  • Thanks to George Nichols for arranging the event which also included members from other local clubs

Public Relations

  • Dolphin Lake Park Float Fly hosted by the with Homewood-Flossmoor park district

  • Dailey Center: Represent SAC to public and government agencies which is more important than ever these days

  • Food drive Nov / Dec: Over $300 in food donations help our local community people

  • 1-on-1 flight training by SAC members to interested people and those just getting started

Auctions April & October

  • 100+ attended on Thursday evenings

  • Lots of RC hobby items sold during and after the auctions

  • $100 total in raffle prizes ($50 cash each auction)

  • Lots of bargains & laughs!  Always a great time!


  • Veterans and Battle of Britain tribute

  • Many great scale warbirds displayed and flown!!!

  • Free food and leading fees this year!

  • Many great and awesome flights from screaming warbirds including Tom Lustig’s P-51 and Zero!  (See videos online Facebook and FLICKR)

  • Great flying despite the rainy weather in the morning.

  • Thanks to all who attended and helped including cook master Frank!

AeroSTEM Expo 2019 @ IIT 3/30/19

  • Introduces inner-city youth to the aviation and aerospace fields and mentors career aspirations

  • 100’s of youth and parents attended

  • RC aircraft display

  • Partnered with Chicago Model Masters members

Web Presence

  • Website updated for content, events, information and links

  • FLICKR photo sharing implementation now has over 2000 pics and Videos of this year’s activities!  Thanks to all who contributed. More to come!

  • Facebook SAC community and SAC group pages reinvigorated to included events, meetings, photos, club info, and more. It’s a great way to keep up to date quickly inside and outside the club.

  • Thanks to Devin for restarting SAC’s on-line signature out there on the internet

And many other things which have made the Suburban Aero Club of Chicago a great organization.  Thanks all the members who have helped in past, 2019, and years to come!

Now you know why you’re a SAC member!

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