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Suburban Aero Club of Chicago - Club Dues

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Junior members use this form  SAC Membership Mail-In Form <= Download here

or attend a meeting to submit form.

If you have any issues joining or renewing email us at  SubAeroClub@gmail.com  

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SAC Membership Mail-In Form <==== Download here


or send an email to SubAeroClub@gmail.com

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NOTE - May show "2023 DUES when you process" It will be for 2024 - still updating site

If you have any issues joining email to SubAeroClub@gmail.com

  or use   CONTACT FORM

Note: this will show as a donation since SAC is a non-for profit organization

AMA Dues Reimbursement

AMA has partnered with Grouper (formerly Element3) to provide eligible members 65 and older a reimbursement of their AMA dues up to $75 annually. 

You can learn more about the program by viewing the FAQs here.

AMA and Grouper will be promoting this program to members and nonmembers alike. Some AMA members have already started to receive their reimbursement checks.

Part of our marketing efforts include promoting the benefits of joining an AMA club and finding a flying field. Grouper’s marketing efforts will hopefully result in new people learning about model aviation and reaching out to clubs across the US.

Hopefully this email will help prepare you for questions around this opportunity to grow your club.

Do you have additional questions? Send me an email or give me a call at (765) 287-1256, ext. 274.

Mark Benson


AMA Senior Director of Marketing, markb@modelaircraft.org